Sunday 17th March 2013 Training

Today I introduced the subjects for the 3 week Golf PDA training course at Nansha Golf Club, Guangzhou.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Nansha Golf Club for their hospitality.

Thank you to all of the students for making me feel so welcome in China and to Raymond, Sabrina and Linda for making sure that I have excellent support during my stay.

The subjects today were quite varied and I introduced the idea that we would deal with all four of the remaining units as one big project. I think it is best if the group splits into smaller groups to complete the project.

So we will complete the training by creating and presenting a master plan for an imaginary (and excellent) golf facility and profitable business.

I think we will aim to compete the work by 4th or 5th April and make the final presentations on the 6th of April.

To achieve a pass in this project, each team member must contribute their very best ideas and work and it will be necessary to spend extra time after class each day to work on these plans.

The final presentation should include:

  1. Introduction to the project
  2. A Scale Master Plan of the golf course and any additional facilities you have decided to include.
  3. A brief business plan that explains how the project will work including reference to and evidence to support the following:
      1. Concept of the project development
      2. Target market area and customer groups
      3. Marketing strategy including the mix of promotional ideas used to gain business
      4. A strategy for Customer Service and how this will be achieved
  4. Final presentations can be accompanied by a PPT if you wish and success will be judged by the overall commitment and involvement of the team in the project.

Subjects covered/concepts introduced today included:

  • Recap of Fraser’s teaching subjects to help us link the whole PDA together. PPT Here
  • How to create a Clear Competitive Advantage for your golf project. PPT Here
  • Alister MacKenzie’s 13 guiding principles for golf design. PPT Here
  • Some basic principles for designing golf holes and for adding interest and enjoyment to the golfer’s round. PPT Here

What we made today:

  • A draft Clear Competitive Advantage for our golf project.
  • A draft scorecard for our golf course using MacKenzie’s principles.

What’s Next?

  • An exercise in using the Magic Wand to create our ideal golf business
  • Fine tuning of the CCA
  • Introducing the Forcefield Analysis to our planning process
  • Introduction to PESTLE analysis for new projects.


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