Happy New Year

Well the snow is going now, and whilst it was great to feel is0lated and cut off for a while, the fact remains that even where I live in a fairly remote part of upland Perthshire, there is still a 24 hour Tesco within 30 minutes even on snow covered roads, we still had broadband, digital TV and uninterrupted telephone service; there was a well stocked fridge, freezer , wine rack and log shed, we had great fun sledging and building igloos…oh and yes I finished writing my new book on Golf Business Turnaround in relative warmth and comfort.

We forget just how lucky we are sometimes and even those of you who were dreading this New Year more than most due to the very harsh trading conditions you find yourself in, when you see the devastation in Haiti it brings it all into perspective doesn’t it?

I know that the great British Public will do its best for Haiti and it seems like the international community is responding with impressive amounts of aid also; lets hope for the best and a quick return to normality for the Haitian people.

Meantime back in the golf industry, the unusually long Christmas break is nearly over and many golf businesses are starting to find out the hard way that 2010 is going to be a very trying year. Unfortunately there are also many golf businesses that are finding out that 2010 isn’t even going to start for them, as they have already run out of options.

The time has come for many golf clubs, resorts and golf related businesses to face facts and take urgent action to ensure their survival. It can’t be over-stressed how urgent this is. For many clubs the trickle of subscriptions renewals is already causing sleepless nights. Finger crossing and wishing time is over and these businesses MUST take ACTION now.

Although I did manage to get at least part of an igloo built with my 3 small girls and take part in countless sledging tournaments (none of which were painless!) I spent a large part of the last few weeks putting the finishing touches to my book:  Golf Business Turnaround; the 7 Essential Steps to Success., which will be available for download from this site from Monday, January 25th.

In the book I share a powerful 7 step formula for getting your golf business back on track fast! The book is packed with tips and tools to help you implement your learning immediately, with the minimum of reliance on outside agencies or help. There is also a very special gift included with the book which will provide you access to the most powerful tools and advice available in the golf industry and allow you to accelerate your businesses transition from struggle to run away success in a very short period of time. In the book you will learn the 7 essential steps to turn around your golf business fast. Here is the contents list:

Step 1. Firefighting (a step by step blueprint to minimise cost and maximise income)
1a.Cashflow-Minimise Outgoings
1b.Cashflow-Maximise Income
Step 2. Your NEW World Beating Business Strategy (the 10 minute MBA)
Step 3. Uncovering Your Golden Niche (and how to dominate it)
Step 4. Promises (Marketing that works)
Step 5. Promises Delivered (the ABC of Operations management)
Step 6. 30% Profit Increase for NO added cost!!
Step 7. Going Around Again and again: a sure fire formula for Continuous Improvement

Make sure you come back on Monday to secure not only your copy of this essential guide to business survival, but also your FREE access to hole18’s exclusive Golf Business Mastermind Network.

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