10 minutes from success

I have a very simple system that I call my 10 Minute MBA.

So called because it takes approximately 10 minutes for most of my clients to absorb the information before I see their face light up.

After 10 minutes they suddenly understand something so key to their future success and that of their business that I usually call a coffee break right there and then, only 10 minutes into a meeting!

They need this time to absorb what they have just learned, which is something they had pretty much given up looking for; a simple strategy that you can carry around in your head and apply everyday to watch your business turnaround and become massively successful right before your eyes.

The 10 Minute MBA suddenly opens your mind to the mystery of leadership, strategy, marketing, sales and operational success; and it leaves you in a state of calm assured that you have a way of dealing with anything that crops up and knowing for sure that you are not missing any vital steps in your daily work.

In total its only 10 minutes worth of looking at a diagram and absorbing a beautifully simple theory, so it leaves plenty of room in your brain for learning to belly dance, kite surf and think of ways to spend more time with your kids and friends or whatever else you need to do.

Here is a simple 3 point summary of the key learning from the 10 Minute MBA:

  1. Define your golden niche
  2. Make BIG promises…
  3. Over deliver on your promises.

The 10 Minute MBA is just one of the 7 steps detailed in my new book Golf Business Turnaround, the 7 Essential Steps to Success

The concept is so simple, but of course the proof is in the implementation.

In the book I reveal the full 10 Minute MBA and walk you through a simple 7 step process that can be implemented in your golf business starting today.

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