Seeing through your customers eyes.

As we’ve discussed here many times, seeing through your customers eyes is a very powerful way to spend some time if you want to be successful.

A new service has been launched which offers you the opportunity to do just that at read on for more details.

As a club owner or manager, have you ever found yourself saying “why am I the last person to know about this?” at which time it’s usually too late. Traditional forms of member communications can leave owners and managers vulnerable when it comes to evaluating their clubs performance, and making informed decisions. They often rely too much on front line staff to tell what’s really going on with regard to member interactions. Also, very few clubs have a mechanism in place that makes it easy and convenient for members to communicate directly with owners and management – so most don’t bother. The lack of effective member communications over time can spell trouble when it comes to member retention, loyalty, and bottom line profitability.

A simple, yet effective solution has been developed to help owners and managers improve member communications. It’s called Golfer Insight. What this service does is make it easy and convenient for members to communicate directly with the owners and/or management of golf clubs. A member can leave their comments either anonymously or with their contact information through this third party service. The format and approach is very effective at getting members to share their point of view in a positive and constructive way. The result is greater access to quality member input that owners can use to make better decisions based on the knowledge and insight they gain.

The most effective way to solicit member input is to take a proactive approach by sending them a direct email. A link in the email points directly to the clubs listing on Golfer Insight. In the email, members can be asked a specific question (added through the admin panel), or asked to comment in the default categories provided which are: The Good News, The Helpful News, or Ideas & Suggestions. An email notification is sent to the owner or manager immediately after comments are received. This provides the opportunity to review the comments promptly, and take action if necessary.

There are several reasons why this approach works better than traditional means of communication.

1) Its well documented that people respond in greater numbers to a third party service.

2) The service makes it easy and convenient for members to communicate directly with owners and/or management from the comfort of their home or office.

3) Members have the option to submit comments with their contact information or remain anonymous. Please note: There’s a misconception that anonymity attracts poor or inappropriate comments. While this can happen, it is rare. Some of the most valuable information received will be anonymous, coming from the clubs quieter, more reserved members. Not hearing from members (that prefer not to be identified) is a missed opportunity that should not be overlooked.

4) Asking for member input makes them feel valued and appreciated. This leads to a great sense of belonging and connection to the organization, which translates into higher retention and loyalty. Simply asking for input has perceived value whether the member responds or not.

The more that owners and managers know about their members, the easier it is for them to consistently meet their expectations. This leads to improved retention, increased loyalty, and a smooth running operation.


With the confidentiality/anonymity option that Golfer Insight (formerly Dear Vivian) affords our Members, we are seeing an immediate willingness on their part to share and reflect candidly on our National TCCP program. The response received thus far has been immeasurable.

Craig Watson, Canadian PGA

The question format used on Golfer Insight (formerly Dear Vivian) allowed our members to comment on any area they felt pertinent.  The questions are not skewed to any department and are not looking for a particular answer.  As we continue to listen and learn from our members, we now feel we are better equipped to meet their expectations and earn their continued support. I would highly recommend Golfer Insight to other golf clubs looking for honest comments from their members.

Cathy Burton

CPGA Head Professional

River Spirit Golf Club

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