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If you’ve been tuning in this week, you will know that I have been sharing with our readers, some of the groundbreaking, “golf business saving” content from my upcoming book.

So far we’ve looked at how you can use my “paint by numbers” formula in your golf business to:

  1. Get your cashflow (in and out) in great shape…fast.
  2. Positively differentiate your golf business from all of the others and give yourself a distinctly unfair advantage in the marketplace.
  3. Attract all of the new business you could ever want…and on your terms! (We’re definitely NOT talking about 2 for 1s or desperate giveaways here!)

In Step 5 of 7 in my new book Golf Business Turnaround-the 7 Essential Steps to Success, available here from Monday 25th January, I take you step by step through a system that will set up your golf business to run like clockwork to produce all of the profit and/or business you need with a positively awe inspiring formula for managing your day to day operations.

In what is essentially a step by step blueprint for saving and turning around a struggling golf business, I will reveal many of the advanced techniques and strategies I use with paying clients; and apply the kind of thinking and business innovation that has attracted clients both at home and abroad to seek out our help here at hole18.

“Operations” or the day to day running of their golf business is what gives most owners and managers the biggest headache. The minutiae of running a busy (or not so busy) golf facility can easily become a massive burden even for the most level headed and organised managers. If we pile business worries about cashflow and survival on to that its no wonder that many people cave in.

In Step 5 we do the equivalent of playing some soothing music, giving you a shoulder massage, pouring you a stiff drink and letting you put your feet up…yes this is where your role suddenly becomes very, very clear and you start to instinctively know what to do and when to do it.

More importantly, by filling in the blanks in this section (not literally of course, there is a little more to it than that!) you will build yourself a business operation that swishes along gracefully making all of the money you need and taking away 80% of the day to day work you find yourself absorbed in right now, leaving you as the captain, who merely nudges the tiller every now and then to keep things moving in exactly the right direction.

In Step 5 you’re going to learn how to:

  1. Deliver the most sought after levels of service to your customers to turn them into lifetime advocates for your business…and how to do it (almost) on autopilot!
  2. Innovate effortlessly by using the power of your (re-vamped…read on) team to come up with and deliver your business to your customers in new, exciting and profitable ways.
  3. Make the right decisions instantly!
  4. Build and retain the most effective and loyal team of staff that you’re competitors will want, but just can’t have!

You can pre-book your copy of Golf Business Turnaround, the 7 essential steps to success by completing the form below: Meantime I’ll be back tomorrow with more news.

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