Waste Excitement

One of the most talked about steps in my book Golf Business Turnaround the 7 Essential Steps to Success, is step 6, which reveals a formula for finding extra profit (a lot of extra profit) from what is essentially waste at present.

Now as I strain to point out in the book, waste auditing and reduction, although a very exciting prospect when you see 20-30% extra profit winking at you, is not something that you should set out to do at the outset of the turnaround process (that’s why its step 6) as the process will be more productive and you will understand it better after you have implemented the first 5 steps. This ensures that you are auditing a smooth and stable business.

However, all that said, the waste reduction process is a very exciting phase of the turnaround work laid out in the book and can genuinely add 20-30% to the bottom line for no extra cost.

You can get your hands on your copy of the book right now here.

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